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Child Care Programs

little buds


Our Infant program provides a warm, welcoming environment where your child can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. The early childhood educators focus on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration, and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first few years. Throughout the day, the children participate in activities that stimulate the five senses through singing, dancing, art, water play and outdoor time. This is a small sample of what a typical day may include in the Little Buds room.

little rascals


Our toddler program uses hands-on exploration and social interactions to help your little one learn about his or her expanding world. Through the guidance of our early childhood educators, the children enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence. Our program for toddlers is designed to adapt to each individual child's age and stage. Experienced educators promote emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment. Interest centres such as water, blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, art and a quiet reading area are available throughout the day.

Busy Bee


Our preschool program provides a perfect transition from toddlers to preschool, celebrating your child’s changing abilities and encouraging an increased level of independence. Our early childhood educators focus on creating a flexible program for children who need time to build on their developmental abilities and learn how to engage more as part of a group. Experienced educators cater to the high energy and busy needs of this age group, and a typical day may include free play, small group time, storytelling, outdoor time, music and movement, and focused time on self-help skills. Interest centres such as water, blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, art, early science and math, and a quiet reading area are available throughout the day.

cool kids

Out School Care

Our OSC program helps school age children advance their skills in core academic areas such as literacy, math, and science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, and social and emotional well-being. Our child-centred approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas of child development, creative thinking, and curious investigation. Early childhood educators ensure that children have fun,  age appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences  that develop pro-social and academic skills essental to their school age years. 

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