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About Our Daycare Centres

 At Brite Beginnings, we've been dedicated to providing the best childcare services for over 30 years. We believe that every child deserves a bright beginning, and we strive to make that happen every day. Our experienced staff are passionate about what they do, and are always looking for ways to make our program better. We're proud to be a part of our communities, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the families we serve.

Brite Beginnings offers developmentally appropriate educational programs for children with a blended approach combining ‘Play-Based Learning’ and ‘Emergent Curriculum’ in secure, fun, and stimulating classrooms where children socialize and learn in an environment structured around their diversity and individual interests. Our Early Childhood Educators are trained, certified professionals who offer the best care in a cozy, family-oriented atmosphere where children feel comfortable growing and developing while making meaningful connections. Once enrolled, you are part of the “Brite Beginnings Family”!

Features of our childcare centre include:

  • Two directors onsite daily

  • Stay connected with parents using our App

  • Early Childhood Educators formally trained professionals knowledgeable in child development with full background checks and First Aid certification

  • Educational Programs created with a blended approach combining 'Play-Based Learning’ and ‘Emergent Curriculum’

  • spacious outdoor play spaces

  • Fresh and nutritious meals prepared on site and served family style. 


Our Mission

To support and develop children’s strengths and potential through a child-centred learning environment, inspired by diversity and driven by children and families.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the belief that children are curious and eager learners by nature, and that children learn best when they experience their environment first hand in play. It is their direct experiences in the world, with the people, places, and objects at hand, that spark their desire to “find out”, “figure out” or otherwise solve problems that present themselves through the course of everyday events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, toddler, preschool and school age children. Known for our exceptional educational programs and knowledgeable Educators, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enhance the development of all children in attendance by providing exceptional educational programs utilizing the ‘Play-Based Learning’ philosophy. Through a parent and professional partnership, our play-based environment will enable each child to reach their full potential with emphasis on creativity and exploration. All Early Childhood Educators support the principles of Early Childhood Education by providing an environment that implements the following values:

  • Each child is an important individual

  • Each child develops at a different rate and in individual ways

  • Children learn through play, personal experiences, and everyday routines

  • Children learn best in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement

  • Promoting positive self-awareness is crucial to learning

  • Programs are carefully planned and based on observations of each child's interests and interactions

  • Programs must be responsive to the child's uniqueness and be presented at the child's developmental level

  • Programs enhance each child’s feeling of competence, independence, and self-worth

  • Early Childhood Educators adhere to creating an environment that reflects and affirms the cultural diversity of families within the centre

  • Early Childhood Educators work in partnership with Parent/Guardian(s), recognizing that they have primary responsibility for the care of their child, valuing their commitment to their child and supporting them in meeting their responsibilities to their child

  • Early Childhood Educators work in partnership with their colleagues and demonstrate integrity in their professional relationships

  • Early Childhood Educators remain current with research and emerging best practices in child care and implement their findings into everyday practices

Helpful Resources for Child Care in Alberta

At Brite Beginnings Early Learning and Childcare Centre, we want to see your family succeed. We have compiled a list of helpful resources on child care in Alberta, family services and information on child development. For more information about child care in Alberta, feel free to give us a call.

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Alberta Government Human Services
Information on government services for families and children.

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