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Since the ease of the lockdown and re-opening of Brite Beginnings in May 2020, we want to share with you what we are doing to keep our Educators, Children and Families safe. We recognize that returning your child(ren) into care or requiring care for the first time can cause anxiety and want to provide you with a clear understanding of our enhanced practices and procedures due to COVID-19. 

Our Enhanced Health Guidelines outline, in detail, the additional public health measures for childcare centres and our current procedures necessary to implement them successfully. If after reviewing these guidelines, you are unable to find the answer to any of your questions, please reach out to us at These are now what we call our new normal and are very confident in our ability to offer the highest standards of care while adapting to the new realities of this pandemic.

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What Our Families Say About Our Response to COVID-19

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“We are so impressed with Brite Beginning’s Covid-19 response. Every morning our son’s temperature is taken and we wash his hands. Hand sanitizer is readily available and all adults wear masks and practice physical distancing. The staff has been very creative in providing Covid-safe activities that are fun and age-appropriate. Covid-related communication to parents has been clear, timely, and thorough. We are so grateful for Brite Beginning’s commitment that keeps its staff and children safe and healthy. I wish I could hug all of you. Thank you for keeping our son safe. “

-  Taryn

‘’We always felt confident our son is getting the best possible care! This is especially important during these “unprecedented” times, as many children around the world are forced to stay home. Watching his development progress every day is really impressive and pleasant for us. We are confident that staff in Brite Beginnings are going beyond possible to keep the place safe, using multiple layers of protection, such as daily temperature checks, symptom screening and hand washing, continuous sanitation of toys and facilities, and so on. We are really so grateful for everything you do for our Mika!!!

-  Aydar

“I cannot begin to express how grateful we are for the staff and management of Brite Beginnings – more than ever after the past year. After the March 2020 shutdown of schools and child care, we quickly realized how lucky we were that we chose Brite Beginnings. Even though we could have resumed childcare sooner had we been in a day home, we felt strongly that waiting for Brite Beginnings to re-open was the better choice. Although the situation changed weekly (at a minimum!) Brite Beginnings was extremely responsive and continually sent emails and kept us abreast of the industry exclusive information they had from their consultations with government officials. They offered us options in returning to childcare that we appreciated and weighed carefully. Thanks again to all the staff and caregivers who have done so much extra work since the pandemic to keep us and our families (and community) safe. “

-  Daniella

“All I can say is that I always felt safe to send my child to the daycare. Thanks for the amazing job! “

-   Hesam

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